1.8L 1500W Electric kettle
1.8L large capacity, 1500W fast boiling water;
Food grade 304 # stainless steel;
Brand temperature controller, precise temperature control;
Swan pot body, double layer anti scald pot body, fresh blue design;
Steam induction, anti dry burning, automatic power outage protection;
One click flip cover, one click insulation, constant temperature of 70-80 degrees.

electric oven


Galvanized sheet inner cavity

230 degree temperature control, 60min timing

Four unified temperature controlled stainless steel heating pipes at the top and bottom

4 heating methods (off/upper tube/lower tube/upper and lower tube)

electric oven


32L 1500W, 3.5-inch intelligent display screen

Infinite knob, nine preset menus

Double layer glass door, anti scald and thermal insulation

Rotary fork, hot air, furnace lamp, upper and lower independent temperature control

electric oven


Quartz tube generates heat, and food is evenly heated

Mechanical knob, temperature can be adjusted freely, and heating time can be adjusted

Galvanized inner plate, easy to clean inner liner, detachable floor

12L gold capacity, practical but not occupying space

electric oven


Using stainless steel for heating, quickly and evenly heated

Mechanical knob, controllable temperature, controllable heating time

Galvanized inner plate, easy to clean inner liner

Three knobs for up and down control, baking at will

konka induction cooker


Eight cooking functions, eight levels of firepower adjustment, and intelligent programming make cooking so comfortable