heating breaker




1. Hand-pulled whirlwind cooking machine, stainless steel triple blades, one pull is equivalent to cutting 21 knives evenly;
2. It can quickly make all kinds of complementary food for infants and young children, and quickly make various fillings, minced meat, etc.;
3. The manual type is safer and more reliable, and the whole machine can be washed with water.

coffee machine


0.3L water tank Drip coffee machine

Adopting ceramic cups with a simple white color and a novel appearance;

Equipped with permanent nylon extraction net, anti drying, and automatic power off function;

The cup temperature is about 65 ° C and the extraction time is 4 minutes;

ABS shell, stainless steel decorative plate;

coffee machine


0.25L water tank Drip coffee machine

15g coffee powder, with one button tea separation function lever, the switch can automatically disconnect the power supply to prevent dry burning, compatible with Coffee filter

coffee machine


1.2L water tank 15Bar 1400W Espresso machine

European style with pressure gauge

Instantaneous boiler heating system, equipped with stainless steel steam pipes, can quickly foam milk;

All stainless steel body shell, top temperature cup area, NTC temperature control system;

Detachable coaster and water tank;



0.5L 600W Electric kettle
Quickly boil water for 4 minutes;
Food grade 304 heating plate, food grade silicone;
Foldable design, available in matte white or clear blue, gift box packaging;
110V/220V dual voltage selection;
80 degree long-term insulation;
Additional gifts: conversion insert, travel bag, folding water cup;