Ultrafiltration machine


100G RO reverse osmosis membrane, imported from the United States GE membrane, with a filtration accuracy of 0.0001 μ M. Imported activated carbon from Japan with guaranteed quality

Composite family design: can be used as Water filter and Water dispenser

Built in 8L super large water tank, no pressure bucket required

Efficient cooling and heating, with child lock protection

water purfier


Fifth level filtration accuracy 0.0001 μ M

Large screen display TDS self detection

1.05L/min net water flow rate

Convenient replacement of universal filter element



Five stage filtration, ultrafiltration membrane technology, filtration accuracy 0.01 μ M

No electricity, no wastewater, energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Fully tempered glass window design, antique and fragrant

Effectively retaining minerals, imported activated carbon from Japan

water purfier


Ceramic filter element and activated carbon dual filtration

Double water outlet one button switch

1L/min net water flow rate

Convenient installation to meet various faucets

water purfier


Double quick connector and double water outlet

Five stage filtration ultrafiltration membrane technology

2L/min net water flow rate

No electricity, zero wastewater, more environmentally friendly