gas heater


Skin friendly zero cold water, shower zero waiting

Seasonal temperature sensing, intelligent adjustment within the range of 35 ℃ -65 ℃

Bathtub washing mode for a more comfortable life

Six fold protection, safer and more reassuring

gas heater


The full body piano has a milky white baking paint process, long-lasting rust resistance, and a black and white color scheme, which is simple, beautiful, and elegant

High purity environmentally friendly oxygen free copper 2.2kg, dual speed low noise fan, low water pressure starting water flow sensor, suspended pressure regulating proportional valve, intelligent precision controller

Equipped with bathtub mode, child lock, kitchen treasure, and variable lift function

Long six row fully enclosed reinforced segmented burner

gas heater


Automatic constant temperature; Timing function (20Min)

Overheat protection; Flameout protection; Overpressure protection (pressure relief); Fault beep warning function

Gas pressure stabilization, low water volume start (Hall), variable lift function

Comfort bath key: 42 ℃ for the elderly, 38 ℃ for children, 36 ℃ for kitchen utensils, and 50 ℃ for bathtubs

gas heater


High grade silver brushed panel, balanced combustion technology, microcomputer intelligent constant temperature control

Intelligent segmented firepower regulation, precise control of intelligent gas proportional valve, efficient and energy-saving

Microcomputer intelligent constant temperature control, fault self checking code prompt, safety protection

Low water pressure startup, anti overpressure, anti dry burning, anti overheating, and other protective measures

electrical heater


Power: 2100W, mechanical version

Secondary energy efficiency, 80% hot water output rate

Water temperature gauge display, knob temperature regulation

Dual protection: built-in anti electric wall and leakage protection plug

electrical heater


Control method: mechanical

Temperature display method: digital screen display

Enamel liner imported from Germany

Protection functions: over temperature, over pressure, anti electric wall, three pole leakage protection