waffle maker


iron steamer


80ML/1300W Iron steamer
1. Built in electromagnetic pump, one button ironing, continuous steam, preheating light prompt, simple operation.
2. Integrated die-casting aluminum panel, large ceramic oil panel, stronger coating adhesion;
3. The panel can be rotated 90 ° for use, supporting flat ironing and hanging ironing functions;
4. It supports the functions of dry ironing and wet ironing, and the ironing panel temperature is up to 160 ℃;
5. The removable water tank;
6. The high temperature resistant rubber cord is used for the power cord;Double anti dry burning

iron steamer


300ML/1400W Iron steamer
1.Seven holes quickly heat up 
2.One-piece die-casting aluminum panel, fast heat conduction;
3. Detachable water tank, water outlet at the bottom,
4.High-end rubber high-temperature power cord,triple anti-dry burning (visual water tank, over-temperature power failure, thermal wire protection)

iron steamer


140ML/1200W Iron steamer
1. One click opening operation is simpler and more convenient;
2. Five hole stainless steel panel for faster shaping;
3. Detachable water tank;
4. Bottom outlet, quickly drain water after use;
5. Preheating light prompt;

electric shaver

KT-TD01 Pro

hair products


High-speed Hair dryer
110,000rpm ultra-high-speed brushless motor, blowing out surging power and drying hair quickly;
200 million high-concentration hair care negative ions can neutralize the positive charge in the hair, reduce static electricity, make it smooth and smooth, and smooth the hair;
LED lights display different gears: third gear wind speed adjustment, fourth gear temperature adjustment, independent cold wind button;
Unique features: the hollow part adopts a design with two ends open and the middle is narrow, adding "narrow tube effect" technology to the airflow multiplication technology, and the back cover adopts a spiral air inlet design to make the airflow more concentrated and efficient, and the main "whirlwind technology";
The 22m/s strong airflow directly enters the hair root, quickly taking away excess moisture from the hair surface;
Ultra-quiet technology reduces the noise generated by the harmonic resonance of the motor, leaving only the sound of airflow;
Double overheat protection: intelligent temperature control system, overheat protection and fuse protection, double safety guarantee;
Double-layer heat-insulating air-gathering nozzle with magnetic adsorption;
Double-layer metal filter dust-proof and anti-absorption;