intelligent lock


Unlock authentication method: fingerprint, password, emergency key

Fingerprint collection time:<0.45S

Fingerprint collection method: Multi light source high-frequency infrared (3000 fingerprints with large capacity)

Main material: high-strength 304 stainless steel

air purifier


Real time display of formaldehyde/PM2.5 values, professional filter made of imported materials

Interactive circulating air duct design, WIFI remote intelligent control

Intelligent filter replacement prompt, 500W negative ion breathing experience

Suspended top cover touch mode, sleep mode, noise only 28dB

intelligent fat scale


High precision BIA lipid measuring chip

Bluetooth 4.0 intelligent control

Environmental protection ITO coating for resistance measurement in vivo

BMI, body fat ratio, muscle mass, water content, bone mass, BMR, visceral fat, and other data

electric heating


Flame retardant plastic shell for safer use

Power selection for warm air and hot air in second gear

Automatic temperature control and overheating protection

Vertical large angle shaking head, remote control for 0-9 hours

vacuum cleaner


High energy battery for long-lasting battery life

2L ultra large filtration

Super suction for cleaner cleaning

6 details for an extraordinary experience

vacuum cleaner


Wireless vacuum cleaning

8000pa super suction

High frequency strong beat deep mite removal

UV-C ultraviolet sterilization